Microrank Group is a healthcare and wellbeing focused training/coaching, recruitment/placement, and healthcare products/solutions promotion consultancy based in the United Kingdom. 

We are committed to empowering individuals and groups to achieve their full potentials, improving workplace health and wellbeing, reducing cost and time associated with local and international healthcare professionals and students recruiment/placement, delivering quality healthcare training and coaching, supporting businesses to improve organisational growth and productivity, supporting healthcare product and solution mannufacturers reach target audience, contributing to promoting public health agenda of governments, while empowering health service providers in improving the quality services through capacity enhancement experience. 

We're open to business and partnership opportunities with reputable local and international businesses, organisations and government agencies towards transforming the future for those who desire individual and business worth and lifelong achievement.


What We Do?

We offer health/wellbeing improvement, business/productivity improvement, healthcare product/solution distribution, and healthcare professionals and student receruitment consultancy and training services.


-Individuals & Groups
-Open & bespoke


-Health & Wellbeing Promotion
-Health Products & Solutions Promotion
-Staff & student placment Service


-Staff away day


-International Nurse & Doctors placement
-International students placement

We do great work with great people


Our Blog

Our publications include thought provoking news, features, profiles and opinion as well as the latest legislation on health, wellbeing, organisational productivity, healthcare products and solution, including e-Health and m-Health